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An inceptive lens exploring afflictions and diseases caused by the over consumption

of sugar in the African-American community.


Sugar, yummy and sweet. To youngsters, sugar, most widely associated with candy, a sweet confection of which sugar is the main component, represents a fun, tasty dance across the tastebuds. Chocolate, lollipops, and assorted desserts are laden with sugar, pretty shapes, and fun colors to enhance the taste response, keeping eaters begging for consumption. 


‘Sugar’ beckons a different response when used in reference to the health condition diabetes. Along with other illnesses such as kidney disease and obesity, the gateway to most preventable health issues begins with the dining table. Over consumption is a global epidemic that multiplies and compounds disease, causing a domino effect leading to death at a higher rate in the African-American community. Why? Because dietary preferences that adorn tables in the aforementioned community are derived from cultural influences and necessity.


Sugar Daddy delves into how African-American communities have historically been a dumping ground for sugar and sugary foods. Ease of access and affordability causes blacks to fall prey to the temptation of overly sweetened edibles with empty calorie counts. Despite knowledge of health concerns derived from sugar, transitioning to healthier options is met with resistance.


Is change possible for the modern-day black community? 

director's statement

Health documentary, Sugar Daddy is a film that allows me to teach. Processed foods and sugar consumption is an always confusing dance we do in this modern age. Things move too fast, there is too much information, and we don't know how to apply it, let alone trust it. This lack of knowledge has led to diabetes and cardiovascular diseases affecting the black community at disproportionately higher rates. It is killing us. Sugar Daddy will lay this information bare, in a compelling way that reaches far and wide. I hope that anyone who watches Sugar Daddy will come away feeling more empowered and knowledgeable on how to break their addiction to sugar and live a healthier life. 


Meet our amazing Team

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